","error.404.title":"Page not Found","tab.event.details":"All Races","mar":"Mar","corporate.company.timeline.1999.2":"Timed Ironman Lake Placid and Partnered with North American Sports to provide timing services for other Ironman events","corporate.company.timeline.1999.1":"The Toronto Marathon, the Canada Running Series, and the Montreal Marathon all started using ChampionChip timing through Sportstats","start.following":"Follow","man":"Man","email.reset.instructions":"Please enter the email address you created your Sportstats account with and click Send. ","overview.features.text.clock":"Timing Clocks","navbar.about":"About","default.language":"Browsers Language","started.following":"started following","copyright.title":"Copyright","split":"Split","search.athletes":"Search Athletes","completed.races":"Completed Races","men":"Men","corporate.privacy.p15":"If an Individual has any questions about this Privacy Policy or the collection, use, disclosure, or retention of the Individual\u0027s personal information by Sportstats or its service providers, please contact the Privacy Officer as follows:","settings.title.1":"ettings ","corporate.privacy.p14":"An Individual may contact the Privacy Officer to access, modify or correct inaccuracies in any of his or her personal information that is under Sportstats\u0027 custody or control. ","faq.difference.watchlist.chronos.1":"What is the difference between watch list and Sportstats Chronos live progress updates? Cook Forest State Park in PA on August 20, 2022, totaling 16.5 miles with 3600 feet of elevation!! ","would.you.like.to.claim.some.results":"Would you like to claim some results? ","corporate.privacy.title":"Privacy Policy","invalid.last.name":"The last name field is required and may not exceed 50 characters. Experience this scenic raceon September 1, 2024! ","corporate.privacy.p8":"Depending on an Individual\u0027s browser settings, the Sites may use cookies. Extend your experience with all Cooksburg has to offer. ","email.reenter":"Re-enter Email","TOTAL":"Total","imperial":"Imperial","facebook.publish.actions.permission.required":"The publish actions and email permissions are required to use Chronos. ","preferred.unit":"Preferred Distance Unit","faq.cant.claim.result.6":"The result you are trying to claim is missing a name or gender. ","faq.cant.claim.result.7":"Your gender does not match the results gender. ","auth.failure":"Athentication Failure","error.500.description":"Something happened. Tarpley 10. Were also happy to announce the return of pottery as prizes, in a limited fashion, provided by Allegheny Pines Pottery. Please click on Edit Profile to add the missing information. 2019 Results. ","registration":"Registration","month":"Month","faq.difference.watchlist.chronos.3":"Sportstats Chronos Live progress updates are race progress and results messages posted to your Facebook or Twitter timeline for an athlete you chose while the event is live. Also, consider changing your search query to find all your results. 9574 Participants 4599 Women 4975 Men. This also enters you automatically in Sportstats Monthly Draws. ","overview":"Overview","send":"Send","my.dashboard":"My Dashboard","faq.cant.claim.result.13":"clicking here","faq.cant.claim.result.12":"The name on the result does not match the listed name on your profile. ","chronos.no.longer.following":"You are no longer tracking the progress of {0} {1}. ","faq.see.event.photos.3":"will be present at the bottom of the athletes personal information box. Kenyans took the top podium spot in the men's and women's marathons at the 2019 International Oasis Rock 'N' Roll Montreal Marathon Sunday, while Quebecers won both half-marathons. ","athlete.details.social.media.currently.racing":"is currently racing","advertisement":"Advertisement","canada.west":"Canada West","date.of.birth":"Date of Birth","event.details.location":"Location","update":"Update","corporate.careers.jobdescription":"Full Job Description","password.changed.email":"We have completed your password reset and you can now use the new one to login into all Sportstats services. Clarion Golden Eagles Track and Cross Country present the Cook Forest Half Marathon and 5K ","search.results.tooltip.3":"- (not i.e. RIDE DETAILSThe Door County Century We call it The Big Ride becauseit truly is! 26 James Lush Malvern Buzzards 1:25.05. Try searching for your name using a previous city of residence. Clicking on the icon will direct you to your race photos hosted on the photo companys website. ","august":"August","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.2":"Yes, there is two ways to share your races times with your friends, when the race is live and when the race is completed. Your dashboard will be updated shortly. Action required: Complete your profile information by clicking on the picture icon in the top right corner of the page and select Edit Profile","faq.cant.claim.result.3":"Your claim result request was rejected because your profile does not contain enough information to allow results claiming. Brooklyn Beach Half Marathon - June 2, 2019. ","facebook.user.friends.permission.required":"The view friends Facebook permission is required to find friends. We provide links to third party websites as a convenience to Individuals. ","about.activities.details1":"Activities are actions that were performed by you or athletes you are following. ","about.following.followers.details1":"Following and followers represent the relationship you have with other athletes that have created a Sportstats account. ","edit.profile.picture.details.4":"Once you are happy with your picture, simply click on update. Washington Trail 10K - 2019 Results. On the next page, find your result, click on your name and then select claim result. ","password.confirmation.required":"Password confirmation is required. Please try again at a later time. ","account.creation.failed":"An error occurred while creating you Sportstats account. Aly Delp; October 29, 2019 . Most awards are based on GUN TIME the time from the start of the race (gun) to when you cross the finish line as per IAAF, Athletics Canada, USATF, AIMS and International Awards standards. The Fall 50 is designed to be a daylong running adventure set against the colorful backdrop of Door County, Wisconsin during peak Fall colors. ","edit.profile.picture.details.3":"Then, use the picture editor and preview box to zoom and crop your picture. We are currently studying other alternatives to offer and improve this service. Devil's Foot Half Marathon - 2019 Results. ","chronos.i.am.following":"I am now following the progress of {0} {1} for the race: {2} at the event: {3}","chronos.start.progress":"{0} Started the Race","all.athletes":"All Athletes","corporate.careers.description":"70 experienced staff work for Sportstats, most of them are fully bilingual. A valid Facebook or Twitter account is required. The Cook Forest Half Marathon works hard to deliver you a memorable race experience. Use the Find option of your Web Browser to find the performance of a specific individual. ","sportstats.race.result":"Sportstats Race Result ","looking.to.claim.your.results":"Looking to claim your results? Lincolnway Half Marathon & 10K. The 44th Door County Century - Sunday, September 10, 2023 120, Emporium. More events are now using only Chip time for results posting. ","MULTISPORT":"Multisport","overview.features.text.sound":"Sound Systems","unclaim.result.dialog.header":"Unclaim This Result? View Results. 2022sat02apr11:00 am sat4:00 pm Cook Forest Half Marathon and 5K 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Cook Forest State Park, 113 River Rd CountiesCook Forest CategoryEndurance Challenges Event Details. ","corporate.privacy.p4":"Sportstats may otherwise use customer information for additional purposes that are identified at or before the time that the information is used for such additional purposes. Please check your criteria and try again. ","dont.have.a.sportstats.account":"Dont have a Sportstats account? Hackney 5K. ","index.race.results":"Race \u003cstrong\u003eresults\u003c/strong\u003e","image.file.error":"There appears to be something wrong with this file. ","bio":"Bio","index.form.region":"Enter your province/state (2 letter code)","corporate.contact.race.city":"Race City","april":"April","error.401.title":"You are unauthorized","failed.to.retrieve.user.following":"Failed to retrieve the users following. Towns included in the routes are Boerne, Sisterdale, Luckenbach, Waring, Welfare, and Comfort. We RUN MADTOWN! Clarion University Track and Cross Country proudly host the 35 annual Cook Forest Half Marathon/5k on Sunday, April 7,2019 in Cooksburg, PA at Cook Forest State Park. November 2019; October 2019; September 2019; August 2019; July 2019; June 2019; May 2019; April 2019; March 2019; February 2019; January 2019 . If the problem persists, please","signed.up":"Signed Up","failed.to.retrieve.user.summary":"Failed to retrieve the users summary. ","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.1":"What\u0027s the difference between post to Facebook/Twitter and Sportstats Chronos progress updates? View Results. ","finish":"Finish","claim.result.response.header":"Claim Result Summary","overview.results.text.designed":"Designed for you","overview.chronos.title":"Chronos - Powering Social","race.or.event.name":"Race Name Event Name City Region","search.events.tooltip.6":"Not specifying any operator results in a search for all words in any field or order","search.events.tooltip.5":"* (prefix i.e. Please ensure you are using the email address you created your Sportstats account with and verify your password. ","corporate.company.timeline.1997.1":"Timed Ironman Canada for the first time","corporate.privacy.l5":"Personal information about an Individual, including name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card or other financial information, and a username and password, may be collected when an Individual participates in the Membership Platform (the \"Membership Platform\"). ","support":"Support","faq.remove.my.picture.1":"Is it possible to remove my picture? A review without our "verified participant" seal may have still come from a real participant, but we were not able to verify it. 2022sat02apr11:00 amsat4:00 pmCook Forest Half Marathon and 5K11:00 am - 4:00 pm Cook Forest State Park, 113 River RdCountiesCook ForestCategoryEndurance Challenges, Were proud to announce the Cook Forest Half-Marathon and 5K is officially back for April 2nd, 2022. ","faq.see.event.photos.2":"A link towards the events pictures will be present on our website only if Sportstats has an agreement with the photo company of the event. ","HALF_MARATHON":"Half Marathon","united.states":"United States","search.results.query":"First Name Last Name City Region","india":"India","index.form.country":"Enter your country (2 or 3 letter code)","corporate.contact.corrections.info":"No timing corrections will be taken over the phone. All rights reserved. ","none.of.your.facebook.friends.have.a.sportstats.account":"None of your Facebook friends have Sportstats account. I can not seem to find a way to check results from the race. FIND YOUR RESULT. Your profile does not contain enough information to allow results claiming. The difference between chip time and gun time is quite simple. Salvation Army Shuffle 5K Run/Walk & 2 Mile Walk. Please try again at a later time. ","index.form.email":"Enter your email","corporate.privacy.l8":"The \"Followers and Following\" and other similar features on our Sites permit an Individual to send email to others and view results and awards from each individual. 5K 10K Half-Marathon Marathon RUNNING RESULTS RANKINGS PHOTOS for Ontario Road Runners ONTARIO ROAD RACE RANKINGS OntarioRoadRunners. ","characters.remaining":"characters remaining. ","now.claiming.message":"This should only take a moment","jun":"Jun","corporate.careers.leadtimer.description":"Lead a team from the beginning of pre-event planning to the end of post-race followup. The scenery is incredible with waterfalls, a reservoir, Provo River, and the Mountains. ","facebook.users.notice6":"Sportstats Web Team","facebook.users.notice5":"Thank You! We will endeavour to check & publish . Whether you are new to cycling or are a veteran looking for a challenge, the Salt To Saint Relay has something for you! UTS League - 2019 Results Round 1. ","edit.profile.title.1":"dit","edit.profile.title.0":"E","athletes":"Athletes","corporate.contact.form.header":"Let us know about any issues or requests you may have. Still no luck? ","log.in.here":"Log in here","faq.filter.results.by.category.2":"For each race, there exists an option to filter results by each category, as shown in the figure below. Would you like Sportstats to post a confirmation? ","message":"Message","corporate.privacy.l2":"Sportstats may collect personal information from an Individual where the Individual submits a membership application such as the Sportstats Results Platform (the \"Platform\"). ","failed.to.retrieve.user.activities":"Failed to retrieve the users activities. and answers","error.invalid.userid.header":"No user with such id. Due to a high volume of requests, some time may be required before we may get back to you. ","follow.dialog.header.error":"Follow Athlete Error","calendar.of.events":"Events","no.longer.follows":"no longer follows","corporate.company.timeline.1994.1":"Reached the timing milestone of 42 events/year","corporate.company.timeline.2019.2":"Aloha! In the Half Marathon, Greg Goodall (1:15) was 9 th . GCR X Country - 18 April 2021. . ","2.letter.code":"2 letter code","corporate.privacy.p3":"Sportstats collects and uses personal information from customers and others (an \"Individual\") as follows:","corporate.privacy.p2":"In this Privacy Policy, \"personal information\" means any information about an identifiable individual, as further defined under applicable Canadian laws. ","snowshoe":"Snowshoe","overview.chronos.text.signup.title":"Simple to sign-up","corporate.careers.leadtimer.location":"OTTAWA, ONTARIO","overall.place":"Overall Place","overview.result.title":"Customized Results Tables","corporate.privacy.address":"Sports Technology and Timing Systems LTD. \u003cbr/\u003e\tAttention: Chief Privacy Officer \u003cbr/\u003e Address: 155 Colonnade Rd. ","error.bib.not.found.message":"Bib number : {0} is not assigned for this race","about.awards.details2":"To gain more awards, participate to events timed by Sportstats and claim your results. ","COUNT_TRIATHLON":"Complete {0} triathlon races","here":"here","corporate.company.timeline.2014.3":"Sportstats acquired Milliseconds Timing in Utah, USA, and partnered with ChipTiming in Bangkok, Thailand","corporate.company.timeline.2014.2":"Sportstats acquired the iRun running publication","march":"March","corporate.company.timeline.2014.1":"Reached the timing milestone of 720 events/year","search.filter.company":"Filter by Region","profile.and.settings":"Profile \u0026 Settings","email.reset.sent":"An email has been sent to this address","download":"Download","overview.features.text.changes":"Race Day Changes"}. Sportstats never asks for an Individual\u0027s password in any unsolicited communication. clarion.edu on Annual Cook Forest Half Marathon, 5K Set for March 31; Stephanie on Annual Cook Forest Half Marathon, 5K Set for March 31; Archives. Scenic 7. Either Sportstats or such third party service provider may use servers for such purposes located in Canada, the United States or another foreign country. city, province, postal code), date of birth and a user name and password that the Individual chooses. ","corporate.company.timeline.1997.3":"Reached the timing milestone of 100 events/year","corporate.privacy.l7":"In order to use certain features on the Sites (such as to make results profile and awards publicly available personal information about yourself and others, including without limitation, photos and videos), an Individual may be required to register and provide personal information such as name, email address, location (i.e. ","about.activities":"About Activities","claim.result.dialog.header.error":"Result Request Error","show.following":"Show {0} is following","overview.description.mylaps":"MyLaps Technologies including ChampionChip, ProChip and BibTag","corporate.faq.title":"FAQ","COUNT_MULTISPORT":"Complete {0} multisport races","profile.picture":"Profile Picture","corporate.careers.apply":"To apply for this position please send a resume to jobs@sportstats.ca","default.unit":"Events Unit","corporate.privacy.l9":"When you contact us with a comment, question or complaint, you may be asked for information that identifies you (such as your name, address and a phone number) along with additional information we need to help us promptly answer your question or respond to your comment or complaint. Please check your inbox/spam folder. If there is an agreement, a camera icon","overview.chronos.text.facebook.name":"Your Name","faq.see.event.photos.1":"Where do I go to see the photos of an event? ","SPRINT":"Sprint","june":"June","create":"Create","chronos.follow.failure":"An error occurred while attempting to track this athlete. {"grid.distance":"Distance","SMALL":"Small","corporate.contact.subject":"Subject","manual.claim.correction.email.subject":"Sportstats Claim Correction","error.no.race.with.id.message":"The race you are looking for does not exist. Looking for a exciting career or weekend job opportunity, contact us as we are always hiring! . ","corporate.company.timeline.2016.3":"Bike CheckIn \u0026 RegEx added to on-site event tools. Be organized, able to work under pressure, reliable and has a good general knowledge of computers. clarion.edu on Annual Cook Forest Half Marathon, 5K Set for March 31; Stephanie on Annual Cook Forest Half Marathon, 5K Set for March 31; Archives. St Clare 10K. Travel to different countries while working. Retrouvez toutes les infos sur Ahotu ","cant.find.ahtletes.you.are.looking.for":"Can\u0027t find the athlete you are looking for? An email is sent to our corrections team and they will address the issue. ","october":"October","gender.place":"Gender Place","search.filter.all.categories":"All Categories","corporate.company.timeline.2005.1":"Sportstats established its first professional office","worldwide":"Worldwide","ski":"Ski","corporate.contact.message":"Message","3.letter.code":"3 letter code","sign.up.with":"Sign Up With {0}","overview.features.text.points":"Race Series/Points","create.account":"Create a Sportstats Account","corporate.contact.form.footer":"In order to allow us to get back to you as quickly as possible, please fill in the above form completely. Find, claim, and compare all of your race results on NewEnglandRuns.com ","TEN_M":"10M","companies":"Company(ies)","overview.chronos.text.twitter.marathon":"#marathon","corporate.company.timeline.2017.5":"Membership platform grows by 20% with 220k+ results claimed!, ","success":"Success","corporate.company.timeline.2017.4":"December 2017 Sportstats awarded all Rock \u0027n\u0027 Roll events in the USA through 2020 adding 400,000+ annual participants. ","unfollow.error":"An error occurred while trying to stop following the athlete. ","corporate.careers.description.inner":"Sportstats is defined by our insistence on providing an unparalleled customer experience. ","result.iframe.to.website":"To claim this result, get your certificate, make a correction or use other features, visit the official timing and results site:","corporate.company.timeline.2012.2":"Reached the timing milestone of 500 events/year","email.confirmation.sent":"An email has been sent to your address. 2019 Honolulu Marathon Results 2019 Start to Park 10k Results 2019 Kalakaua Merrie Mile Results ","about.following.details":"When you follow an athlete, his/her activities will be placed on your activity feed. Click Here. ","tab.compare":"Compare","corporate.company.timeline.2007.1":"Reached the timing milestone of 300 events/year","edit.profile.picture.title.2":"Profile Picture","edit.profile.picture.title.1":"dit","edit.profile.picture.title.0":"E","corporate.contact.subtitle":"Talk to Us","index.about":"About \u003cstrong\u003esportstats\u003c/strong\u003e","january":"January","password.reset.email5":"Web Services Team","password.reset.email4":"Thanks,","athlete.search.validation.lastname":"If not specifying first name, you need to have at least 3 letters in last name. Your username, city and province will be published with your posting. Forest Park 3K Age Group Results Forest Park 3K Overall Results. Okay People! ","september":"September","athlete.details.social.media.in.time.of":"in a time of","TEN_KM":"10K","watch":"Watch","search":"Search","corporate.support":"Support","index.form.city":"Enter your city","chronos.auth.success.instructions":"You are logged in to {0}, you may click on the track on {1} buttons on the athletes current results to receive progress updates during race. No further progress updates will appear on your {2} timeline.","skate":"Skate","athlete.details.bib":"BIB","g.place":"G. Last updated April 7, 2019 4:58 PM CLASS HALFWAY AGE GRADE FINISH St Clare Hospice 2021 - 10K Wheelchair Race. : marath*)","password.reset.email.sent":"The password reset email has been sent. LimeLight Sports Club Training. The linked websites have separate and independent privacy statements, notices and terms of use, which we recommend Individuals read carefully. Dark Skies Run @ Kielder 26.5 - 2019 Results. The . Action required: none. Click OK to reload the page. A cookie is a tiny element of data that our Sites can send to an Individual\u0027s browser, which may then be stored on their hard drive so we can recognize them when they return to the Sites. My Account My Results FAQ/Support Login / Register 9 Million Race Results and Counting!!! Results For The Notre Dame Holy Half Notre Dame, IN 46556 Back to Race Website Year 2022 2022 2019 2018 2017 Result Set Holy Half Marathon Holy Half Marathon --- Select Results --- Holy Half Marathon Holy Half Marathon 10K Run Holy Half 10K Participant Lookup & Tracking Error Failed to load results. The information about this event is based on data from the official website or may be provided by the organiser. Please use email and password authentication. ","edit.profile.picture.details.2":"To change your profile picture, first click on Choose a Picture and select an image file from your computer or device. February 11th 2023 we're back hosting at the beautiful Afan Forest. A valid Facebook or Twitter account is required. The water stations could have been more evenly placed. Events; Forest Friends; Advertise; . You will be challenged along the way and welcomed Cook Forest Half Marathon weather history. This race benefits Stand Up to Cancer. ","corporate.privacy.l1":"Sportstats may collect and maintain personal information such as an Individual\u0027s name, contact information, payment card information and purchase history when an Individual subscribes for services or purchases products on our website or at an event. Your dashboard will be updated shortly. 3,000 riders strong, the DCC is the original Door County century distance event an How do we kick off summer in Madison? To claim this result or see if it has been claimed you must have a Sportstats account. Cook Forest State Park's #1 Source for Information. Cooksburg, PA current weather 50.4 Clouds Please log in to your Facebook or Twitter account. : \"Ottawa race weekend\")","corporate.privacy.p10":"Sportstats has implemented measures designed to protect against the theft, loss, unauthorized access, use, disclosure and alteration of personal information in our custody and control with security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, including through the use of reasonable physical, organizational, and technological safeguards and appropriate training of employees. Never lose contact with you audience - always stay connected","compare":"Comp. ","faq.fix.time.info.2":"If you think there is an error in the posted time or if there is a mistake in your personal information, the Sportstats correction team can assist you in correcting such errors. ","participants":"Participants","male":"Male","overview.chronos.text.custom.title":"Customized Messages","COUNT_TOTAL":"Complete {0} races","index.form.searching":"We are searching our database for your results","grid.social.media.tooltip.facebook":"Select athletes to receive live race progress updates on your Facebook account.
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